FitKat Coaching CIC

Strengthening. Empowering. Uplifting.

One Mackem at a Time.

Whether you are a fellow Macam or just passing through our amazing city, I’ve created a space just for you. It’s a place to leave your worries at the door, get out of your head and in to that beautiful, amazing body you have been given whatever age, colour, size and shape it’s in. 

How are we different? We’re a Community Interest Company and we’re on a mission to eradicate the fear of working out.  We invite normal people who feel too self conscious, scared, who’ve got themselves in a rut or simply lost their mojo to feel the power of exercise. I bring my nurturing, caring female/mam/nana energy and welcome you with open, strong arms. 

No matter who you are let me take you by the hand and lead you to a stronger body and a stronger mind. If you’ve been wanting to make a change and live your best life but feel like you don’t belong in a normal gym environment, you’ve  just what you need. 

Welcome home. 

You won’t want to leave. 



Come on in, relax,
I'll put the kettle on.

Who We Are & What We're About

Meet me, Kat, as I introduce myself and talk a little about what I have created here, just for you.

What We Get Up To

Everything we do here is done with a laugh and smile. Otherwise, what's the point?

Team work makes the dream work.

If you’re honest, open hearted and have a passion to help others live their best life then meet your mate.

I have so many skills and I want to share them and collaborate with YOU.

Because team work makes

 the dream work.

Could we enhance and/or complement each other’s skills and passions  to support, empower and transform even more people in our local area?

Surely, it’s worth a chat? I’m up for it. 

You in?