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FitKat is forever looking to add fun ways to keep you moving and smiling. 

Since the making of the video we’ve added much more to what’s on offer. We’ve listened to our local community and have learned that it’s not just Sunderland lasses that would benefit from our nurturing and supportive approach. 

As a result, we’ve added FitKat for Fellas and FitKat for Families to our offerings (see below).

We’re always open to suggestions because the only reason we’re here is to serve you the best we can.  

What would tickle your fancy and get your tail wagging? 

Current Daily Sessions

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Mon-Wed-Fri Mornings 0600-0700
Mon & Wed Evenings 1745-1845
Fri 1600-1700

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Tues Mornings 0600-0700
Tues 1545-1630
Thurs Evenings 1800-1845


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Mon & Fri Afternoons 1700-1800


We regularly run the
following courses.

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Enjoy a neon night out with our amazing Clubbercise classes. Don't worry, you won't sweat, you'll glow!

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I don't know anyone who hasn't enjoyed these classes. So, so empowering!

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Perfect course for beginners.
Come and have a go and do your WORST!

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FitKat for Fellas

It is SO easy to feel intimidated going in to a gym for women AND men. Lads, come and get used to it here, in a warm, informal, nee one cares what you look like or what you do atmosphere.

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FitKat for Families

A magical thing happens to families when they workout together. Reduce stress levels at home. Build trust, reconnect and have fun TOGETHER. All families whether nuclear, foster, single-parent, adoptive, single sex...and everything in between are welcome.

Hire Our Gym

Want exclusive use of our gym? Club together with family/friends and I'll tailor sessions just for you.
PT and looking for a space to train your clients?
You've found a home.

Feeling left out?

All of the sessions I create have been inspired by listening to local people and finding out what they need. 

What would you love to do that’s not on the menu at the moment? 

Shy bairns get nowt!

We are a fully inclusive space and welcome everyone with open arms. However, we do notice that we need to do more to reach out to our local LGBTQ community. Please drop us a line and help us get to know what we can do at FitKat to be able to serve you. Let us know what you want to see and together, we can create a safe, relaxing space.