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" I believe that here in Sunderland, our strength and most powerful resource is our PEOPLE.

We're friendly.
We're warm.
We're tough.
We're welcoming.
We're grafters.

Above all,
we care.

I'd love to join forces with you and build an even more resilient,
thriving, inclusive and healthy Sunderland. "
Fitkat founder / director

Many thanks Seaburn and Roker Photography Group who kindly sent us their favourite photos of what they love about Sunderland.

Would you like to be part of the team?

Fellow Community Interest Companies & Social Enterprises

FitKat is always looking to buddy up with key partners to collaborate with in order to increase our effectiveness and accomplish our common social goals.

Have you got an idea?

No matter how big or small, we'd love to hear it. A good idea becomes a great idea when you let it out!

Health and Fitness Professionals

Are looking for a home to train your clients?
Do you need a well-equipped, clean and inspiring space but not quite ready to go it alone?
Let's work together to benefit each other.

Businesses and Corporations

Join FitKat and work with a small but mighty pioneering social enterprise to achieve both business and social impact goals. Let's team up, harness our power, drive innovation and change the lives of local people. Just because we can.

What people say about collaborating with us…

Lee Axon,

I met Kat last year (2021) after I selected her for a free video promotion from my marketing business. 

I had already watched how devoted she was to her community and this was the defining factor in her selection from myself. 


I completed many projects with Kat and I’m always pleased with how much energy she puts in to her work, her people and herself. 

She has come from a background that has shaped her and those experiences are evident in her work. 

I would certainly recommend anyone to work with Kat.